OENC: Frequently Asked Questions

OENC Grants

Are applications accepted for courses not on the list of OENC Courses for Adoption?

Yes! While NC LIVE is curating high quality content for the top 22 (and eventually top 30) courses across North Carolina, these grant funds are open to instructors of any course and subject.

Do you have a list of who has received grants and which textbooks they have adopted?

Please see our list of Awarded Grants for examples of materials that have been successfully adopted by North Carolina faculty through the Open Education North Carolina grant program.

Am I limited to using what is on the OENC Collection? Could I adopt material from another organization or a locally adapted OER?

Applicants and participants are in no way limited to the content in the Open Education North Carolina Collection. We host curated content there in an effort to make it easier for instructors to discover and adopt high-quality textbooks quickly. Applicants are welcome to use open materials from any source. Please see our OER Guide for other sources of open educational content.

I already use an OER in my course. Can I still apply for a grant?

We’re happy to hear that you’re already lowering barriers to learning in your courses and at your institution! Unfortunately, we cannot provide grants to instructors who are already using open materials. Our grant funds are designated to incentivize instructors to move their courses from commercial textbooks/products to open materials.

Are the grants available to individuals only, or can a team of instructors apply?

Grants are available to both individuals and teams. An individual who receives a grant will be awarded $1,000. Teams may receive a slightly larger sum depending on their application, but can expect to receive at least $1,000 to split amongst themselves.

How long do I have to commit to using OER in my course?

We ask applicants to estimate how many sections of the course they (and their collaborators, if they have collaborators) will teach using OER over the next two years. However, you are only required to commit to using OER in your course for one semester. If you decide after that semester that you would like to return to using a commercial textbook, you are free to do so.

Is there any effort to make OERs a part of a local QEP initiative?

We are not aware of any current efforts, but we encourage this idea! If you’re interested in engaging your institution with OER in this way and are applying for a grant, please note that in your application.

Once I apply, how long will it take to receive a decision on my application?

We review proposals on a rolling basis. Expect to hear back no later than 60 days after submitting your proposal. 

When will I receive the grant payment?

Recipients will receive their funds after their first semester of open textbook implementation, upon completion of the end-of-semester survey.

How are these grants funded?

NC LIVE and three of its Communities of Interest (the UNC System, NC Community College System, and NC Independent Colleges and Universities) provide funding for the OENC grants.

OENC Collection

Are the materials in the OENC Collection ADA and WCAG compliant? Are there VPATs available for the material in the hub?

Open educational materials come from a variety of sources and may or may not be ADA compliant. NC LIVE is committed to accessibility and is currently developing documentation about the accessibility of content in the OENC hub.

Does OpenStax offer print copies in color?

All OpenStax textbooks are available in print. Print versions are full color and bound with a hard cover. 

Can locally created ancillary materials be added to the OENC Collection?

Over time, we’ll continue to add curated content to our hub. High-quality, locally created ancillary materials would be great candidates for this! Please submit any locally created ancillary materials to materials@nclive.org for review.

Will OENC facilitate collaborative creation of ancillary materials or textbooks across institutions?

We do not coordinate these activities at this time, but it is under consideration for the future.

Additional Questions

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