Impact Campaign Toolkit: Share the Impact of NC LIVE

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Whether you want to create your own customized and printable patron success stories or simply add new NC LIVE infographics to your library's website, the toolkit below makes it easy to participate in the NC LIVE Impact campaign.

Download the full Impact Campaign Toolkit (.zip file)

The full toolkit (.zip) includes patron success story templates, NC LIVE Impact infographics, a press release template, social media messaging, and all the other elements listed below in one easy download.

Individual Toolkit Components

Download the full toolkit (.zip) or pick and choose from the individual components below. If you use these materials, please share your story with NC LIVE! Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk to share your success stories or questions, comments, and ideas.

Item (click to download) Description
Patron Success Story Templates (.zip) Templates (versions for InDesign, Illustrator, and Inkscape) for creating your own patron success story graphics with or without a patron's photo. Also includes a patron publicity release form.
Patron Success Story Publicity Form (PDF) A signed form is required before a patron story can be featured on
NC LIVE Impact Infographics PowerPoint (.pptx) All NC LIVE Impact infographics in a PowerPoint slide deck.
Print-Ready Rack Card: NC LIVE Impact Infographic (PDF) Ready-to-print rack cards featuring the NC LIVE Impact infographic.
 NC LIVE Impact Infographic (.png) Full NC LIVE Impact infographic; combines all graphics below. Can be used on a website or to create a flyer or other promotional item.
 Impact "Cost Savings" Graphic (.png)  "Libraries spend $3.4M, and all North Carolinians get access to $21.4M worth of Online Content"

 Impact "Items Available" Graphic (.png)

"483,491,528 online articles, streaming videos, ebooks, and more are available through NC LIVE"
 Impact "Total Uses" Graphic (.png) "483,491,528 online articles, streaming videos, ebooks, and more are available through NC LIVE and were used 56,620,493 times last year"
 Impact "Every Resident" Graphic (.png) "483,491,528 online articles, streaming videos, ebooks, and more are available through NC LIVE to every NC resident"
 Impact "Anywhere Anytime" Graphic (.png) "Accessible online anywhere anytime on any device"
Press Release Template (.docx) A press release template for promoting NC LIVE's impact on your community.
Social Media Messaging (.docx) Messages for promoting NC LIVE's impact, patron success stories, and promoting particular resources.

About the NC LIVE Impact Campaign

In October 2016, NC LIVE will begin a statewide campaign to highlight the impact of digital library resources on the lives of people across the state. We have two goals for this awareness campaign:

  • Raise awareness of the valuable digital resources available through NC public and academic libraries.
  • Highlight stories detailing how digital resources have helped North Carolinians of all ages achieve educational, business, and personal goals.

The campaign will run through spring 2017 and will include a variety of communication channels, including:

  • page to share patron success stories and information about NC LIVE, NC LIVE resources, and the NC LIVE Foundation.
  • Public radio underwriting/sponsorship messages during the first week in October, reaching listeners in the five major public radio stations across the state.
  • Press releases highlighting NC LIVE's value and real impact on North Carolinians.
  • A social media campaign highlighting NC LIVE resources on Twitter and Facebook.

How can libraries participate?

Libraries can use the campaign toolkit to collect and promote local patron success stories and share information about NC LIVE's impact with students, faculty, patrons and the community. Whether you want to launch a local campaign highlighting how digital resources benefit your community, or simply add some new NC LIVE graphics to your library's website, the toolkit makes it easy to participate.

NC LIVE Foundation Donations and Library Grants

The Impact campaign landing page includes a link to collect donations to support the NC LIVE Foundation. The donation page is set up similar to a United Way giving campaign; donors have the option to designate their funds to the Foundation or to the library of their choice.