Get to Know NC LIVE

NC LIVE is North Carolina's statewide library cooperative, supporting 200+ public and academic libraries across North Carolina. Since its founding in 1997, NC LIVE has saved the state millions through innovation and collaborative efforts.

What We Provide

A graphic showing over 1.8 billion items in NC LIVE's collections.

Our Resources

Building on North Carolina's investment in broadband by delivering education content to all communities.

What is NC LIVE?

NC LIVE provides all North Carolina's citizens access to an online collection of 1.8 billion e-resources that supports education and enhances economic development. Hosted by NC State University, NC LIVE is a public/private partnership of North Carolina's public libraries, community college libraries, and 4-year college and university libraries.

Who We Serve

All North Carolinians may access NC LIVE through their local library. Below are just a few examples of those who have benefitted from NC LIVE's resources.

A black woman with curly hair and brown glasses.


Sidney started using NC LIVE to learn a new language so that she could better support her Spanish-speaking patients. Then she discovered how much money she could save on eBooks, music, movies, and other entertainment by using NC LIVE resources through the Greensboro Public Library. (Read more)

A white woman with curly hair and black glasses.


Jenni is one of two librarians at a Wake County public high school that serves over 2,000 students. She uses NC LIVE resources to help students find the resources they need to succeed. (Read more)

A black woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a pink sweatshirt.


Vanessa works full-time as a dental assistant, but she plans to return to school to become a certified dental hygienist. She used NC LIVE through Wake County Pubic library to study for her entrance exam, saving her hundreds of dollars. (Read more)

A white man with short, brown hair wearing a purple ECU polo.


In addition to being a logistics management officer and a graduate student, Mike is a full-time pilot. He uses NC LIVE to save time on his business school assignments so that he can focus on his job and his family. (Read more)

A white man with short, gray hair wearing a collared shirt.


Carl is a researcher at a nonprofit that helps children with disabilities. He uses scholarly articles through NC LIVE to support his research, which he publishes with open access. (Read more)

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Stan is a retiree living in the Triangle, where he uses both the Chapel Hill and Durham County libraries. He likes using NC LIVE to get trustworthy consumer information without leaving the comfort of his home. (Read more)

A white man with short, black hair and a goatee.


Matt teaches rhetoric and composition at two NC colleges, so he knows how hard it can be for students to find reliable sources for their writing. He promotes NC LIVE as a one-stop shop for research as he helps students reach their academic potential. (Read more)

A white woman with long brown hair and wire glasses.


Gwyneth is a recent Meredith College graduate who uses NC LIVE through Wake County Public Libraries to create museum exhibits and explore her passion for preserving North Carolina’s cultural heritage. (Read more)

Beverly Hines headshot


Beverly is a retired teacher who helps high school students in Jones County prepare for college with free standardized test prep through NC LIVE. (Read more)

Matt Snyder headshot


Matt is a practicing psychologist who uses NC LIVE through the Henderson County Public Library to stay up-to-date in his field. (Read more)

Sid Chadwick headshot


Sid recommends NC LIVE's free business resources through Forsyth County Public Library to his consulting clients. (Read more)

Natalie Ramos headshot


Natalie used NC LIVE resources through the Mooresville Public Library to start her own business. (Read more)

Our Partners

North Carolina Community Colleges: Creating Success
State Library of North Carolina and Public Libraries
UNC System
North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities

Our Economic Impact

NC LIVE's Budget

$4.3 million
$3.6 million on content • $0.7 million on operations

ROI - Savings for Member Libraries

million spent

million gained

Current Funding

NC LIVE is funded both by recurring state legislative funds via the budgets of the UNC System, the NC Community College System, and the State Library of NC, as well as via the private contributions of the NC Independent Colleges and Universities. Since NC LIVE's inception in 1997, this funding has risen only 34% (from $3.2m to $4.3m), in which time the price of e-resources has risen 482%. This has led to painful cuts to the e-resources NC LIVE provides and has prevented NC LIVE from licensing new e-resources that would support the emerging needs of North Carolinians.

Funding Request

What's at risk?

While NC LIVE has leveraged its statewide scale to negotiate discounts of 80-90%, the increasing price of e-resources has forced NC LIVE to cancel subscriptions of valued content from its collection. At current funding levels, NC LIVE will be forced to cut its offerings further, jeopardizing the accreditation of Community College nursing programs, support of K-12 teacher education, and STEM fields of study.

The Opportunity

North Carolina's recent investment in broadband has created new possibilities for residents in communities that previously lacked reliable high-speed internet. NC LIVE is poised to maximize the educational potential of this new digital infrastructure by providing high-quality e-resources to all North Carolinians, including those that support job-seekers, entrepreneurs, teacher education, nursing programs, STEM disciplines, and students preparing for standardized tests.

Funding Request

NC LIVE seeks an increase in recurring state funding to meet the growing information needs and support the digital skills of North Carolina's citizens.

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