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  • url eLibrary

    Learn the basics about using eLibrary, your homework help source. (20 minutes) Credit: NC LIVE

  • url Homework Help with NC LIVE

    Learn all about the content and functionality of, and the differences between, SIRS Discoverer, eLibrary, and SIRS Knowledge Source, three tools that offer interdisciplinary homework help for a variety of age groups and reading levels. Check out Testing & Education Reference Center, too! (60 minutes) Credit: NC LIVE Date: 9/1/2018

  • url Research Current Events with NC LIVE

    Support current events research for patrons of all ages, from middle school to college (and beyond)! Explore the content and functionality of CQ Researcher, SIRS Knowledge Source, and eLibrary. (45 minutes) Credit: NC LIVE Date: 7/1/2018

  • url Teacher Resources on NC LIVE

    Explore the educational research, news, and lesson planning resources available through ProQuest's Education Database and eLibrary, and get an overview of additional NC LIVE resources that teachers may find useful in their work! (55 minutes) Credit: NC LIVE Date: 11/1/2018

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