ebrary and EBL will migrate to Ebook Central

On September 12-13, 2017, NC LIVE and its member libraries will migrate from ebrary and EBL to the new Ebook Central platform. Please see below for information about the upgrade.

Product Change: 

This migration pertains to the upgrade of NC LIVE's ebrary program and, when applicable, individual library holdings on EBL and ebrary sites.

Effective Date:

EBL platform will upgrade on Tuesday, September 12 (estimated completion evening Eastern Time) and ebrary platform will upgrade on Wednesday, September 13 (estimated completion afternoon Eastern Time). Any existing EBL and ebrary URLs will redirect to the new Ebook Central platform automatically, and patrons will not experience downtime. Redirects will be in place for at least five years. 

Libraries Affected:

All member libraries with access to the NC LIVE ebrary program, and member libraries with their own holdings (i.e., subscription, DDA and/or owned ebooks on the EBL or ebrary platforms).

What do I have to do?

For the vast majority of libraries this upgrade should be seamless to your users as the links will redirect to the new platform and the authentication will be in place.  

  • If you are using NC LIVE easy-on, NC LIVE password, or NC LIVE Hosted Proxy you will not need to update any proxy information 
  • Authentication for libraries with local proxy servers:

o   If you use EBL and ebrary, authentication configuration on your EBL site will carry over to Ebook Central. If you want to make updates, please contact ebooksupport@proquest.com.

o   If you use ebrary and EZproxy, update your EZproxy configuration file in advance to ensure redirects work properly: http://support.proquest.com/apex/homepage?id=kA1400000008WoCCAU&l=en_US. Contact ebooksupport@proquest.com with questions or for assistance.

MARC Records:

When the upgrade is complete, all existing 856 links/URLs will automatically redirect to Ebook Central for at least 5 years to allow sufficient time for libraries to load new records or update URLs.

  • For libraries without own holdings:
  • MARC for consortium holdings will be made available for any updated MARCs (adds and deletes).
  • For libraries with own holdings:
  • Here is a link to a Support Article concerning MARC Records, http://www.tinyurl.com/EBCmarc, and an overview of LibCentral, the administrative and acquisitions module for Ebook Central, https://tinyurl.com/mtm7753, which may be useful when making plans to update access to own holdings. 
  • If you use a knowledge base with a vendor partner, you will want to update collection selections from EBL/ebrary to Ebook Central


Ordering on MiL platform will be turned off July 31, pre-access to Ebook Central.  Members may not be able to purchase MiL specific content between July 31 and September 12. MiL holdings will be merged to Ebook Central immediately after Ebook Central upgrade is completed.

Communication to Libraries with own Holdings:

Mary Kay McDonald, Training & Consulting Partner, MaryKay.McDonald@proquest.com, is one of the primary ProQuest contacts for this migration. In addition to providing support for the upgrade of NC LIVE, she will be reaching out to libraries that have their own holdings to provide additional information.

Webinar Schedule:

Join us for webinars on the Ebook Central patron interface, LibCentral administrative module, and the upgrade process. Click the links below to register:

Ebook Central patron interface Tuesday, August 1 @ 2pm
Ebook Central patron interface Wednesday, August 2 @ 10am

LibCentral administrative module Thursday, August 3 @ 11am

NC LIVE Upgrade to Ebook Central Wednesday, August 16 @ 10am
NC LIVE Upgrade to Ebook Central Thursday, August 17 @ 2pm

Recordings will be made available through the Train Station. Please see other training options below under the heading “Additional Resources.”

Benefits and Enhancements of Ebook Central:

Users will access ebooks in the modern, user-centered Ebook Central patron interface designed to support the breadth of patrons’ research needs, from discovery to reading to sharing.

Individual libraries will be able to direct users to a URL with an institution specific site identifier (i.e., Site ID) and bypass the institutional pull-down menu when accessing NC LIVE titles. More details to be shared after the upgrade is complete!

For libraries with their own holdings and consortium titles, users will access combined holdings in the patron interface rather than accessing ebooks on separate individual library and consortium sites, which will provide for a more seamless user experience.

Additional Resources