Spring 2024 Marketing Series

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NC LIVE is excited to offer our first Library Marketing Workshop Series this spring! Join us for four lively webinars on some of the most-requested marketing topics. Sessions will be led by experts from across the state in partnership with NC LIVE staff members.

Registration is required for all sessions. If you have questions about the series, please reach out to help [at] nclive.org (help[at]nclive[dot]org).

Social Media Strategies to Boost Your Library’s Reach & Impact

Thursday, April 11 at 1 p.m. | Register Here >>

Managing library social media accounts can sometimes feel like one task too many. But with the right strategies, social media can be a great way to get free marketing for your library’s programs and services. In this webinar, four panelists from both public and academic libraries will share their tips and tools for getting the most out of social media for libraries of any size and experience level. Join us for a moderated discussion followed by time for audience questions.



  • Mary Howard, Community Engagement Librarian, Southern Pines Public Library
  • Hannah Olsen, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Chapel Hill Public Library
  • Clarice Sigsworth, Library Services Coordinator, Salem College
  • Karina Soni, Outreach Projects Librarian, UNC-Chapel Hill

Page Turners: Promoting Leisure Reading in Academic Libraries

Monday, April 15 at 3 p.m. | Register here >>

While many students come to their academic library for research, some libraries are finding ways to engage them beyond classwork. Join our panel of experts to learn about leisure reading programs in academic libraries that captivate students, faculty, and staff. From curated book clubs to literary events, discover how you can foster a love for reading while enhancing your campus community.



  • Criss Guy, Student Success & Engagement Librarian, UNC Chapel Hill

    Criss Guy is the Student Success and Engagement Librarian at UNC Chapel Hill. He enjoys gardening and playing fetch with his corgi named Wellington. He loves reading popular science books and almost any work of magical realism. 

  • Scottie Kapel, Scholarly Communications Librarian, Western Carolina University

    Scottie Kapel (she/her) is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at Western Carolina University's Hunter Library. She is the selector for the general fiction subcollection of Hunter Library's leisure fiction collection. Scottie loves reading horror. In her spare time, she enjoys building Lego, knitting, cooking, and running.


  • Morgan Pruitt, Outreach & Assessment Librarian, Central Carolina Community College

    Morgan Pruitt is the Outreach and Assessment Librarian at Central Carolina Community College. Her favorite book of 2023 was Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano; her favorite book of 2024 (so far!) is Fight Right: How Successful Couples Turn Conflict into Connection by Julie Schwartz Gottman and John Gottman.

  • Chris Robinson, Outreach & Engagement Librarian, UNC Wilmington

    Chris Robinson is the Outreach and Engagement Librarian at UNC Wilmington. He enjoys reading biographies and fiction with diverse voices. He is also a mixed-media artist who utilizes storytelling in his artwork, providing a unique and personal touch to each piece he creates.

Elevating the Library Experience with Creative Programming

Thursday, April 18 at 1 p.m. | Register here >>

In this webinar, our panel of community engagement librarians will share practical tips and examples for connecting with your patrons through library programs. From interactive workshops to local partnerships, these ideas will inspire both beginners and seasoned programmers in all kinds of libraries. Learn how to reach even more of your community with imaginative and interactive events.



  • Lara Fountaine, Community Engagement Librarian, NC State University Libraries

    Lara Fountaine is the Community Engagement Librarian at NC State University. She works to bring impactful and engaging programming to the Libraries through her interests in gaming, crafting, wellness, and reading. In her free time (when she’s not chasing around her 2-year-old daughter) Lara can be found playing Baldurs Gate 3 or reading the Elfhame series by Holly Black, she’s currently on The Wicked King.

  • Jenny Levins, Community Engagement Librarian, Iredell County Public Library

    Jenny Levins is the Community Engagement Librarian at Iredell County Public Library. Having latched onto the idea of becoming a librarian in her teens, she has spent her time at ICPL focusing on strategic planning, offering dynamic programs for the community at large, coordinating library marketing efforts, and cultivating relationships with community partners. In her spare time she can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons and continuously refreshing Tamsyn Muir's Goodreads page in hopes that the release date for the next Locked Tomb novel has been announced.

  • Dacy Shute, Community Engagement Librarian, Hickory Public Library

    Dacy Shute is the Community Engagement Librarian at Hickory Public Library. She found her library niche 11 years ago and has specialized in library programs and outreach ever since. Dacy loves the flexibility, creativity, and self-expression that go hand-in-hand with library programs. When not working, Dacy likes to watch her chickens roam the yard, play in her garden, and hike with her 85lb bodyguard and lapdog, Sadie. 

  • Lizzie Whisnant, Young Adult Program Coordinator, Burke County Public Library

    Lizzie is the Young Adult Program Coordinator (and anything else she needs to be on a given day) for the Burke County Public Library System. She toddled her way into the library as a young child and pretty much never left. She began volunteering at age 11 and by age 19 she was a full-time staff member and hasn’t looked back since. She’s run the YA department for the last 5 years, and has focused on finding the members of her community that weren’t in the library and bringing them in to play with everyone through programming and partnerships, and making sure they stay by building relationships based on shared love of community. When she’s not doing really odd things at work, she’s playing with her 3-year old nephew Hank, chasing two dogs around her house, finding new ramen spots with her boyfriend, crocheting something bizarre, or playing D&D with her friends. She’s currently reading “The Woods Are Always Watching” by Stephanie Perkins for a book club meeting that she definitely forgot was coming up this soon.

Mapping Opportunities: Leveraging Social Explorer for Library Outreach

Thursday, April 25 at 2 p.m. | Register here >>

Did you know you can use Social Explorer to boost your library’s marketing? In this webinar, we’ll show you how to identify potential patrons, understand their preferences, and tailor your outreach efforts for maximum impact. Devon Waugh, the NC LIVE Instruction Librarian, and Jeffrey Hahn, Director of Academic Sales & Support from Social Explorer, will share practical tips, case studies, and hands-on demonstrations. Join us as we guide you through tools to learn more about demographics and interests in your community.


You can see all upcoming NC LIVE events on our training calendar. If you have questions, please reach out to our Help Desk at help [at] nclive.org (help[at]nclive[dot]org).