Website Service FAQs

What is the cost of the website service?

The Website Service is a one time cost of $300 for NC LIVE Libraries.

How long does it take before we can launch a new website?

Many libraries are able to launch a new site in around two months. This time will be extended if new content is created or extensive restructing of the website and link architecture is completed (e.g. what links are included in main and sub menus and how pages link to each other).
If migrating to LibGuides for website management along with implementing the Website Service, plan for around 4-6 months.

Can our current website be used with the Website Service?

The Website Service can only be used with a LibGuides website. If you are using another website service, such as WordPress or YouSeeMore, all content would need to be migrated to LibGuides first.

How is the content on the new site created and who is responsible for it?

The content for the Website Service is created and maintained by you! Each library is responsible for the content on the site. The Website Service only provides a design template.

Are statistics available for our site once we move to the NC LIVE Website Service?

Statistics for LibGuide pages are available under "Statistics" in the LibApps Admin Portal. Libraries with some technical experience may also consider implementing Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager to track statistics. These methods require adding a small amount of code to the Custom CSS provided with the Website Service.

Can I reuse content from my current LibGuides site?

Yes, however we do recommend you use the preview aspect of the implementation tool to see how your current pages will look with the new design so you can easily identify any changes that may be needed.

Does the website service meet accessibility guidelines?

The Website Service strives to meet W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines level AA

What if I need technical assistance?

The Website Service Best Practices Guide contains guidance on many popular questions and issues. Still stumped? Contact us.