Essential Skills For New Leaders

Cultivating A Growth Mindset

Growth mindset, the belief that we can improve, seems simple but is nuanced, powerful, and relevant to any person. In this session, Eduardo Briceño, who co-founded Mindset Works with Carol Dweck and has two TEDx talks watched by millions, deepens the understanding of growth mindset theory and practice. He shares key research, common misconceptions, and ways that we can all cultivate a growth mindset in ourselves and in others. 

Management: It's All About Your Team!

Michelle Hildreth, Branch Manager for Wake County Public Libraries, takes attendees through her experiences as a manager and shares lessons about leveraging the strengths of individuals within a group. 

I'm A Manager, Now What Do I Do?!

First time managers handle a distinct set of circumstances. They carry forward the goals of library directors as well as the goals and needs of staff members they directly supervise. This session identifies which skills are helpful to hone as a first time manager, potential pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for building cooperation in challenging situations.

There's an Imposter Among Us: How to "Sus" Out Imposter Syndrome and Practice Radical Self-Compassion

This session shares insights on how to manage imposter syndrome - a commonplace phenomenon of doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud, especially when tasked with a new responsibility or role. Amanda Glenn-Bradley, User Experience Librarian from UNC-Asheville, provides strategies for managing imposter syndrome and practicing compassion for one's self - a helpful tac for any new manager.

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