Data and Visualization in Libraries

Python for Librarians

Python is a general-purpose programming language widely used in data science, web applications, and scripting to automate common tasks. In this hands-on Introduction to Python workshop, attendees learn Python through a brief analysis and visualization of tabular data. 

Free Tools & Tips For Getting Started with Digital Humanities

Are you curious about the role of digital humanities in your library community? New technologies are transforming the way our patrons and we do research and communicate ideas. This workshop provides an introduction to the field of digital humanities and digital tools for text and visual analysis. Attendees look at a selection of free tools for creating visualizations, timelines, mapping and image recognition.

Getting Started with Tableau for Data Visualization

This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to Tableau, a free tool for creating data visualizations. Its drag-and-drop interface provides tools to build a variety of visualizations with no coding required, and visualizations can be embedded in websites by copying and pasting embed code. In this workshop, participants create an interactive dashboard together along with static charts. No prior experience is required but it is highly recommended that attendees download and install Tableau prior to the workshop:


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