Compassionate Communication Across Teams

Effective Communication

The key to any library is effective communication. This webinar provides tips and tactics to ensure successful interpersonal communication that fosters connections and cooperation. Learn how to work with differing communication styles, manage challenging situations, and provide effective feedback.

Managing Conflict

Alan Unsworth from Surry Community College guides attendees through tools for managing and de-escalating conflict among coworkers. He offers library-specific examples of when conflicts arise and practical advice that you can take into your own workplace.

Leadership, Communication, and Connecting with Staff

Effective leaders communicate with intention. Juli Moore - Director of Iredell County Public Library shares insights on how to lead and connect with staff members in a supportive manner. She offers examples of challenging in-person and remote work situations where it is important to build relationships with staff and work as a team.

Work Styles

Everyone approaches their work differently. Get insights into your unique work style and strategies for interacting with others who have different styles. Learning about these differences can shed light on why clashes might happen and how to head them off. Ann Pemberton from UNCW also offers suggestions for how these differences can even improve the performance of teams and projects in the workplace.

Let Team Building Steer Your Ship to Safety

With so many workers feeling adrift in troubled waters, building strong and resilient teams is more important now than ever. Learn team building techniques to rebuild trust and connection within virtual, hybrid, and in-person teams. Acquire tools and resources to act as your life raft to reduce burnout, relieve stress, and engage your team.

Tips & Techniques For Facilitating Meetings Online

As libraries continue to work online or in a hybrid format, the need for well-designed and effectively facilitated meetings rises. Disorganized or poorly run Zoom meetings can lead to wasted time and frustrated teams. Attendees will learn techniques they can use immediately to plan for a meeting and develop a participatory environment where all attendees are proposing ideas and contributing to the meeting's success.

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