Bulletin Board - January 2023

Posted on Fri, 01/06/2023 - 09:55

January 2023 Bulletin Board

Task Boxes at Davie County Library

Rachel Nelson, Adult Services and Technology Librarian at Davie County Library, developed a program to support adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. She created a passive program (turned interactive event) called Task Boxes.

Task boxes are boxes with a small activity to complete. Some examples of task boxes include: building cities with blocks, counting out the right amount of money, cutting along different shaped lines, puzzles, sorting letters and numbers, color matching, clay molding, and working with pattern blocks. The goal is to provide boxes with a variety of activities and ability levels so that everyone can participate! 

The passive program of task boxes was a huge hit! However, Rachel noticed there wasn’t a lot of social interaction for those using the boxes. To problem solve that issue, she created an event where she would sit down, talk, play and engage with those who wanted to come work on task boxes with someone. She hopes that this program and the task boxes will help with social skills, life skills, fine motor skills, thinking and problem solving skills, and help patrons know that they are welcomed, wanted, and have a place at the library. 

Task Boxes

Spotify Playlists at Duke University

In fall 2020, staff at Duke University Libraries were trying to think of anything they could do to remotely support Duke students who were taking classes online and preparing for finals. They had the idea to create Spotify playlists. The staff loved this idea and were excited to pitch in and add their recommendations. Library Jams is a customized playlist of songs recommended by the staff of Duke University Libraries, for studying, driving, or jamming. Two years later, the playlist remains relevant and continues to be shared with the Duke community as a way to engage and support Duke students.

Library Jams