2023 ROI Reports Are Here

A white bar graph with one tall and one very short bar. Text on the left says "NC LVIE saved libraries $47,866,626 in 2023."


If you need the numbers on how much NC LIVE is saving your library, look no further: the 2023 Return on Investment (ROI) reports are here.

In 2023, NC LIVE saved member libraries $47,866,626 by buying resources collectively for all libraries. These savings are calculated by subtracting what we pay for resources ($3,665,257) from the total that vendors would charge libraries to buy resources individually ($51,531,883).

For each type of library, NC LIVE saved:

  • $22,781,253 for public libraries
  • $11,120,506 for community colleges
  • $7,591,413 for North Carolina's Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU)
  • $6,373,454 for the UNC system

Additionally, NC LIVE supported a collection of over 1.8 billion items over 87 databases. 

To read more about how NC LIVE supports your library, download your community's 2023 ROI Report