Upcoming Morningstar Medalist Launch

See below for an update from Morningstar regarding the Morningstar Medalist launch. This update was only sent to libraries, and not users. Morningstar is aware that patrons will not see this email, and is working on adding a banner at the top of the page, notifying patrons of the update to the rating and a link for them to click with more information. That banner will be added before the change occurs.


Dear Valued Client,

The Morningstar Investment Research Center team would like to remind you of the details on how the upcoming Morningstar Medalist launch will affect your use of your forward-looking ratings through your license – specifically, the changes to the data that are dependent on the way you access your content.

As a consumer of Morningstar Investment Research Center the following changes will occur on May 2 due to the launch of the new Morningstar Medalist Rating:   

  • References to Analyst Rating will be changed to Medalist Rating. This will be present within the Managed Investment Report as well as through the product such as within screeners, quote pages, and compare tools. 
  • References to Historical Analyst Rating will be changed to Historical Medalist Ratings.
  • New data points supporting the Medalist Rating will be introduced.

We want to give you plenty of time to assess the opportunities of this change and the necessary actions required to maximize them by the end of April 2023 before the rating goes live on May 2, 2023.

Additionally, we have updated our overall Medalist FAQ and have an abridged Medalist Rating methodology explainer to help you understand the enhancements with the new combined rating.

Reach out to Morningstar Support to answer any questions you currently have about the Morningstar Medalist Rating.