Morningstar Changes- September 21

On September 21, 2023, Morningstar will be migrating to a new platform. 

New Name

  • Morningstar will get a new name: Morningstar Investing Center
  • On September 21, 2023 NC LIVE will be updating the name on our website to Morningstar Investing Center (from Morningstar Investment Research Center). 
  • Action Necessary- We encourage libraries to update this name on your website and database lists. 

Resource URL

New Proxy Stanza

  • No Action Necessary- no action is necessary for NC LIVE Hosted Proxy libraries, libraries using NC LIVE barcode pattern matching and the NC LIVE password. NC LIVE will update the proxy stanza for you. 
  • Action Necessary- for libraries with a local proxy, we have been told a proxy stanza update should be available on OCLC's site prior to the September 21, 2023 migration. 

Usage Statistics

  • NC LIVE will continue to provide usage statistics for Morningstar on our website.
  • However, libraries may now also access usage statistics for their institution on the Morningstar admin portal