Wiley Titles Removed from Ebook Central

Posted on Thu, 09/01/2022 - 13:23

This email is to notify everyone that Wiley titles have now been removed from Ebook Central.  According to Ebook Central Support, Wiley decided to remove their e-textbooks from the library aggregator market entirely.  ProQuest Support originally sent an email to libraries about the Wiley removal in May with usage statistics for each institutions' Wiley titles usage on Ebook Central.  1,379 Wiley titles were removed from Ebook Central.  There are still 13,372 titles from Wiley in the collection.

This removal was part of Ebook Central's semi-annual subscription titles removal program at ProQuest. They normally perform these removals at the end of June and December but the removal of the Wiley titles was delayed until the end of August to allow extra time for replacing them or finding alternate titles.  

Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk if you would like to see the list of Wiley titles removed.