*New* NC LIVE User-Friendly Resource URLs

NC LIVE resource URLs have switched to a new format. These new resource URLs have a user-friendly format which we hope will be easier for users to remember, and libraries to promote and share. We encourage libraries to swap their old NC LIVE URLs to this new format. However, the old resource URLs will continue to work. As part of this process, the NC LIVE splash page has been updated with a new design and new language as well.  Here's an example of the old link vs. the new link: 

CQ Researcher: 

Old URL: https://www.nclive.org/cgi-bin/nclsm?rsrc=202
New URL: https://resources.nclive.org/CQresearcher

What are NC LIVE Resource links? 

NC LIVE uses custom resource URLs which are a stable link with built-in EZproxy functionality that libraries can use to direct their users to NC LIVE resources. If users click on the link without a library's proxy prefix, they are directed to a "select your library" page from NC LIVE, where they can login into their library to access the resource. If the links are used with a library's proxy prefix, then they are directed to a proxy login page, and then on to the resource. The NC LIVE links display the NC LIVE splash page before redirecting to the resource. 

*Action Recommended* 

If your library is currently using NC LIVE resource URLs (with a proxy prefix or without a proxy prefix), please replace the old URL format with the new URL format. Remember to switch out resource URLs in all the places they may exist such as: your website, A to Z resource list, LibGuides, MARC records, etc. 

The old resource URLs will continue to work, but we encourage libraries to switch over to the new format. 

The new NC LIVE resource URLs will continue to work with local library EZproxy prefixes, OpenAthens, and NC LIVE Hosted Proxy prefixes. If you have a EZproxy prefix, please include it before the NC LIVE resource URL, as you would do with any other resource URL. 

Libraries with local proxies (not NC LIVE Hosted Proxy), please add the following lines to your NC LIVE stanza: 

Host https://resources.nclive.org
Host http://resources.nclive.org 

Your full stanza should look like: 


Title NC LIVE Home

Host www.nclive.org
Host https://www.nclive.org
Host http://www.nclive.org
HostJavascript https://www.nclive.org

Host https://resources.nclive.org
Host http://resources.nclive.org
DJ nclive.org

If your library does not currently use NC LIVE resources URLs, please consider switching to the NC LIVE URL. 

Access the New Resource URLs

The new resource URLs can be found in this document. 

Later today, the resource links will be updated on:

1) Direct Database Links page on our website

2) Browse page on our website

3) NC LIVE A to Z title list on our website. 

What are the advantages of using the NC LIVE resource URLs?

NC LIVE resource links have several advantages: 

(1) They remain constant despite any URL changes the vendors may implement. NC LIVE will implement vendor URL changes on our links so libraries don't have eto. 

(2) They display service alerts and other important messages to users on the splash page before directing the user to the resource

(3) They include a built-in EZproxy login so users can access the resource from any location by selecting their library (if a library proxy prefix is not already included)

Thank you for your patience during the update process! We hope you will consider adding the new links. If you have any questions, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.