Create an NC LIVE Direct Link

NC LIVE offers a way to use your library's NC LIVE login information for any link to content. All you need to do is follow two simple steps and you'll be able to provide links to any NC LIVE article, e-book, or newspaper.

What does this mean for you?

  • Library staff can link to specific e-books, or other content, to promote their availability in NC LIVE. Users can click on the link right from a library's web site.
  • Instructors & Faculty can take a permanent link in ProQuest, or other NC LIVE resources, and post it in their course management system.
  • You can use MARC records to include Direct Links in your catalog.

To Create Links in MARC Records 

  1. Highlight the existing URL in the 856 field that is consistent on all records (e.g.
  2. Hit ctrl+r or menu--> find and replace
  3. The highlighted text should be in the “find” line
  4. In the replace line enter the NC LIVE proxy prefix,, followed directly by the part of the existing URL that is consistent on all records
  5.  Example:
  6. Hit replace all
  7. Ensure the number of changes made matches the number of records in the MARC file
  8. All URLs will now begin with the proxy url and be followed directly by the item level URL

To Create Links for Content

  1. Find a link to an article, e-book, or other NC LIVE content piece.
  2. Begin your link with the following prefix:

(Don't worry if you have older links beginning with "" in your catalog - these will still work, and we will redirect to "https" when that is no longer supported.)


I am going to link to an article in CQ Researcher on Sleep Deprivation. The link in CQ is:

The link you can put on any web site, which works inside or outside the library is:

More Information

For questions, or more information regarding customization options for your library, contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.