Usage reports available for June - September 2017

NC LIVE usage reports are now available on the NC LIVE website for June 2017- September 2017. Thank you all for being so understanding during the delay!

There are a few exceptions: 
  • Ebook Central- statistics are not available yet for September 2017.  The format changed when ebrary migrated to Ebook Central. We are still collecting that data from ProQuest
  • OneSource from Dun & Bradstreet- statistics are not available yet for June - September 2017.  We are still working with the vendor to gather the statistics. 
  • AccessScience/ McGraw Hill- statistics are not available for August- September 2017. They migrated to a new usage statistics model, and we are still working with them to gather the data in the correct format. 
  • Credo Reference- statistics are not available yet for August- September 2017. Since this is a new resource for the 2018-2020 resource cycle, we will be working with the NC LIVE Resource Advisory Committee to determine the best usage report and usage parameters to use for NC LIVE reporting. 
We are working on getting the remaining usage data available on the website. In the meantime, if you would like the usage data for the resources without statistics available yet, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk. We can set you up with an admin account (except for OneSource).