TERC Hub Links

Posted on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 14:23

Linking directly to Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) subject hubs is now available!

Summon Libraries

ProQuest should have activated the Testing & Education Center: TERC (database ID: DZN) collection for all NC LIVE libraries. Libraries need to take the following actions:

1)     Locate the DZN Collection in Client Center Data Management (https://clientcenter.serialssolutions.com/CC/Login/Default.aspx)

2)     Update the Custom URL to https://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/{GALELIBID}?db=TERC where {GALELIBID} is replaced with your Gale Library ID

3)     Add your Gale Library ID to the “LocID” field at the bottom of the resource screen

a.      Changes may take up to 48 hours to be implemented in Summon and links may fail until that time

4)     View the entire collection in Summon by searching for DBID:DZN

If you are unsure of your Gale Library ID, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

MARC Records

Gale has created MARC records for each subject area in TERC with a URL that links directly to the subject hub. To download these records:

1)     Go to Gale’s NC LIVE specific Support Hub (https://support.gale.com/nclive)

2)     Type your library name in the search box

3)     From the top menu bar select “Product Support” then click “Download”

4)     Scroll down to Testing & Education Reference Center click download for “Subject Hub Records”

5)     The records will process and the icon will change to ready. Click “ready” to download the file

Records generated using this procedure will include a library’s Gale ID, though libraries will need to add any Proxy prefixes to the front of the URL.