SimplyMap changing to SimplyAnalytics

On Wednesday, June 28 SimplyMap is migrating to a new platform with a new name: SimplyAnalytics.

Which resources are affected by this? 


What will NC LIVE do?

On Wednesday, June 28, NC LIVE will update our SimplyMap link to a new URL and change the name to SimplyAnalytics. 

SimplyMap and SimplyAnalytics will be unavailable up to 24 hours on starting on Wednesday morning, June 28. 

SimplyAnalytics will be available starting on Thursday, June 29. 

What do I have to do? 

On June 28, please change the name from SimplyMap to SimplyAnaytics. 

If you use the NC LIVE nclsm link, no URL change is required. 

If you link directly to SimplyMap, please change the URL to The old URL will not redirect. 

Proxy information

If you are using NC LIVE easy-on, NC LIVE password, or NC LIVE Hosted Proxy, you do not need to update any proxy information.

If you are using a local proxy server, please update your proxy stanza: 

EZ Proxy Settings using a secure connection:

T SimplyAnalytics
DJ *

Webinars on the new platform

Scheduled for every Wednesday and Friday in June. Check out all the new features and improvements in this 30 minute session. We'll cover everything you need to analyze your city or neighborhood with SimplyAnalytics, our most user friendly application ever! Pick a session and register here.