Service Alert: Update on New Website

NC LIVE migrated to a new website last week and although it mostly went well, we have experienced a few issues.  Below is a summary of the issues that have been reported so far.

NC LIVE Video Collection Unavailable
The NC LIVE video collection ( is unavailable. Some users are able to get to the video player, but the video does not load. Others may be seeing an HTTP 500 error. Some of our videos, like Ken Burns' Jazz Series, can be found on Films on Demand as well. Please have your patrons try Films on Demand if they need access to a particular video that they normally find in the NC LIVE collection. We are working on a fix and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.
Cannot Remotely Log into ProQuest databases
We have noted this problem occurs when a) your library uses a local proxy server b) it does not have an SSL certificate and c) you have updated the NC LIVE EZproxy stanza to include If this describes your situation, we recommend updating your EZproxy stanza to use instead. Since the proxy does not have an SSL certificate, connections to https:// may not be successful. Please work with your IT department to install an SSL certificate on your proxy server right away.
Intermittent IP Address Issues
Some users have reported being being prompted to login to their library although they are in-network and should be IP-authenticated. We have made some updates that should resolve this error. We recommend clearing your cookies and cache from the beginning of time and reopening your browser. If you still experience an IP-related issue, please send us a list of IP addresses for your library so we can make sure we have them all on file.
SSL Certificate Errors
There were reports of users seeing a security warning message when accessing NC LIVE resources. Users were seeing a message similar to "This connection is not secure. This website may be trying to steal your password." We have updated our SSL certificate to include the full certificate and users should no longer be seeing these messages. If you still experience an SSL warning, please let us know.
Incorrect Library Information 
Please let us know if your library's contact information on our site is incorrect. We are keeping track of incorrect information and will update the information within the next couple of weeks.
If you are experiencing any other issues or have feedback about our new site, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk and we will address it as soon as we can. 
We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve our website for you and your patrons!