NEW Login Page Monitoring Service for NC LIVE Hosted Proxy

NC LIVE is pleased to announce a new website monitoring service in place for NC LIVE Hosted Proxy login pages. 
What It Means
The monitoring service is a way for libraries with NC LIVE Hosted Proxy to be immediately and automatically notified if their proxy login page is offline, so they can alert their users as soon as possible. 
How It Works 
The monitoring service will ping hosted proxy login pages every 1 minute for responsiveness. If a page is unresponsive, it will send an email alert or text message to the library contact on file. Once you receive the alert that service is down for your proxy login page, please check your login page to be sure that it is indeed unresponsive. If it is unresponsive, NC LIVE will fix the issue between our normal business hours of Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. 
**Please note that this monitoring service only checks the responsiveness of the proxy login page, it does not check whether or not proxy authentication is functioning properly.** 
Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk for more information, or to sign-up for NC LIVE Hosted Proxy.