NC LIVE Resources Expiring on December 31, 2017

 On December 31, 2017, NC LIVE access to the following resources will end:


InfoTrac Newstand

LearningExpress Library

Natural Medicines


D&B Business Browser (formerly OneSource)

Oxford Reference Online

Pronunciator & ProCitizen

What will NC LIVE do?
In order to make this a smooth transition, NC LIVE will gradually phase out access.

December 20- NC LIVE will remove links to expiring resources from our A-Z resource page. Direct links will continue to work until December 31.

December 22- NC LIVE will remove expiring resources from Summon.

December 23- NC LIVE will remove the NCKnows chat box from the

December 31- NC LIVE access to expiring resources will end. NC LIVE links to expiring resources with a replacement resource will redirect to the replacement resources. For example, the NC LIVE link to LearningExpress will redirect to TERC.

What do I need to do?
Please remove all links to expiring resources from your library website by December 31.

Considerations for specific resources:
If you currently have an NCKnows chat widget in ProQuest and EBSCO, please email to obtain an admin account for ProQuest and EBSCO (if you don't already have one), so you can edit or remove your chat widget

There is an export capability in the Course Designer, so teaches can export student scores. In the My Stats (the individual user stat dashboard), users can currently take a screenshot, but Pronunciator is asking the developers to quickly add an export functionality so ideally users will be able to have their scores saved in text form before they are lost.

Carolina Consortium
If your library is interested in continuing to a subscription to any of the expiring resources, please contact the Carolina Consortium to find out more information about discounted group deals.