Free Resources to be Removed from NC LIVE Website- August 17, 2018

38 free resources will be removed from NC LIVE's Browse A-Z page on Friday, August 17th.

The decision to remove these resources was made by NC LIVE's Resources Advisory Committee. It was based on low usage of the resources from NC LIVE's website and content that is already covered by NC LIVE's paid resources. 

Here's a list of the free resources that will be removed.
On August 17th, we will be disabling the NC LIVE links to these resources as well, so we've also included the standard URLs for these resources on the list.

Action is required:
If you have links to these free resources on your website and currently use the NC LIVE link, please replace the NC LIVE link with the standard URL.
If you currently use these resources from the NC LIVE website, please consider adding them to your library website.