Credo Title Removals

On January 9, 2019 Credo will be removing 15 titles from Academic Core and 31 titles from Complete Core. Brief information is available below, though Credo will be reaching out to Academic Core subscribers only with complete details, options for acquiring deleted titles, and MARC delete files - look for this email in the coming week.

Academic Core (most Community College, UNC, & NCICUs) - 15 outdated and very low-use titles will be removed

Complete Core (most Public Libraries) - 31 Barron's titles will be removed

Credo will be adding new titles to both Academic and Complete Core as part of their regular updates. Information on titles added are available on the Credo Content Updates Page

Credo title lists are available through the Credo Admin Portal 

Unsure of which collection you have or other questions? Contact the Help Desk at or 919.513.0451