AutoMate, Infobase and HeritageQuest Statistics

NC LIVE was recently notified of three statistics issues, outlined below. Full details on each are available on the Usage Statistics FAQ page.

1) Starting with February 2019 usage reports, EBSCO AutoMate has changed the de-duplication process used for calculating user sessions resulting in lower overall sessions counts. 

2) Starting with January 2019 usage reports, Infobase has transitioned to new reports which adhere to COUNTER standards for counting usage. This has resulted in changes in usage for Films and Demand and Ferguson's Career Guidance Center. Usage for Ferguson's will generally be lower in the new reports while usage for Films on Demand may show an increase.  

3) HeritageQuest has reported inflated session counts were identified for usage from December 10, 2018 through January 22, 2019 due to a technical issue. The issue has since been resolved. 

Full details are outlined on the Usage Statistics FAQ page.

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