Auto Repair Source Usage Statistics

Usage statistics for Auto Repair Source (Automate) on the NC LIVE website now accurately reflect EBSCO's reports.

Usage has dropped significantly since January 2019, but this is due to a change in the way EBSCO is calculating usage.

Starting with February 2019 reports, EBSCO changed the way that Auto Repair Reference Center usage statistics are calculated. January 2019 and prior, data was calculated in a way that attributed multiple sessions to different vehicle makes and models within Auto Repair Reference Center. Now, EBSCO is de-duplicating session IDs, which represents unique user sessions, in a more consistent manner. This inevitably results in a perceived decrease in Auto Repair Reference Center usage compared to previous months. However, the de-duplication ensures a true and consistent number of unique user sessions by allotting one "session" per user login, regardless of the amount of content accessed within the interface once logged in.