Alumni Outreach Project

Many North Carolina college and university students know how to access library resources while in school, but what happens when they graduate? Since NC LIVE provides resources to both academic and public libraries, graduates can still access many of the same resources through their local public library.

To direct alumni and former students to library resources, NC LIVE will create a form with your school's branding. This form will create a 10-day library pass, giving users instant access to library resources from anywhere. After a few days, users will be directed to their nearest public library (based on ZIP code) to sign up for a permanent card.

If your institution is interested in a custom alumni page, please fill out this form.


A form with a fake school logo at the top and boxes for name, email, and ZIP code.


What are the benefits of having an alumni page?

  • Alumni and former students will be able to use library resources for career and job help, language learning tools, standardized test prep (including the GRE), and more.
  • The school-specific branding of the page implies that continued library access is a benefit provided by your institution.
  • NC LIVE will collect sign up data to share with your library (ex. how many alumni are still interested in library resources).
  • This service helps increase the number of patrons using North Carolina's public libraries.
  • It's easy to set up and free!

Who can sign up through this form?

Anyone residing in North Carolina who is at least 13 years old can sign up for a free 10-day pass through NC LIVE.

What do I need to do to sign up?

First, please fill out this Alumni Page Request Form. Within a few days, we will contact you with the link to your branded page. Then, you can distribute that link via email or newsletter to alumni and former students.

How do I get alumni and former students to sign up?

The way that you share your institution's link is up to you! You can:

  • Add the link to your library website
  • Work with your school's alumni department to spread the word
  • Send emails directly to alumni and former students

You are also welcome to use our example newsletter copy in your communications.