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Ebook Central Subscription removals

Twice a year, Ebook Central removes ebooks from their collection that they no longer have permission to carry. They perform these removals at the end of June and December. For added context, Ebook Central also adds content every year-- in 2023 they added 11,780 titles to Academic Complete.

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Redhawk Publishing MARC records available

MARC records for the 76 Redhawk Publishing ebooks recently added to the HomeGrown Collection are now available. Please contact the Help Desk for the file. You can find all HomeGrown MARC records on NC LIVE's website. 

The Redhawk Publishing records have been added to the NC LIVE HomeGrown Collection in the following discovery systems: 

  • Summon- Database code: BXBCN 
  • Alma- Collection ID: 15310000000000060
  • WMS- Collection ID: customer.52122.6
  • EDS- cat01714a

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NC LIVE Films on Demand Collection in WMS

NC LIVE has created a collection in WMS (WorldShare Management Services) for NC LIVE's custom Films on Demand collection. 

The collection name and ID in WMS is:

NC LIVE Films on Demand Collection, collection ID: customer.54122.8

The collection contains all of the films currently in NC LIVE's Films on Demand collection-- 48,957 titles. NC LIVE will update the collection records in WMS every 6 months to capture new additions and deletions to the collection.

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SERVICE ALERT: Films on Demand and Just for Kids outage

11/17/2023- Update

Infobase has fixed the outage, and Films on Demand and Just for Kids should be working normally now. Please clear your cookies and cache before accessing the databases again. 

Users accessing Films on Demand and Just For Kids may see an error message "Uh oh! Something went wrong."

We are in contact with Infobase about this issue and will let you know when we have an update. 

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