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Print and Digital Materials from NC LIVE Vendors

NC LIVE is now offering a service to help connect libraries with free vendor print materials. Request high-quality promotional materials at no cost to you!

EBSCO materials ordered quarterly: January, April, July, October. All other materials are ordered monthly.

How does it work?

  1. Select the print materials you would like to order
  2. Submit your request form to NC LIVE
  3. NC LIVE contacts vendors
  4. Vendors ship print materials directly to your library
A purple, yellow, and white bookmark with two phones showing the Transparent Language app.
Two phone screens showing Transparent Language next to the text "Aprenda Inglés."
A flyer about how to read a Fund Analyst Report.
A quick guide to Morningstar Investment Center.
A flyer with information about understanding a Stock Analyst Report.
A Data-Axle flyer with information about its business database.
A flyer with information about Data-Axle's Consumer Lifestyle base.
A flyer with information about data visualization on Data-Axle.
A flyer with information about Data-Axle.
A flyer with information about Data-Axle for small businesses.
A gray flyer with information about how to use the U.S. Business database in Data Axle.
A flyer for Data Axle explaining why it is useful for libraries.
A nurse looking at a clipboard and three tablets with images of health-related magazines.
Four Consumer Reports bookmarks with a woman working at a computer.
A person working on a computer above information about Consumer Reports.
A blue and white Explora poster with a hot air balloon and the text "Explore, Excel, Excite."
A blue poster with cartoon mountains and a search bar above them with the text "Go somewhere new."
A blue poster with a person riding in a hot air balloon, but the balloon is a lightbulb.
Information about Explora with a photo of two children in a classroom in the top right corner.
A poster with a photo of a person working on a laptop.
A poster with a cartoon lighthouse and information about Explora.
A poster with a cartoon lighthouse and information about Explora.
A flyer with a photo of students raising their hands in a classroom in the top right corner.
A flyer with an image of adults and children working at a computer together in the top right corner.
A line of people studying and information about LearningExpress in Spanish
A few healthcare workers sitting together and smiling. The information is about LearningExpress tools for healthcare exams.
A father and daughter working together at a computer. Text describes home schooling resources from LearningExpress.
A young person with glasses working at a computer with the text, "Achieve your goals."
Bookmarks with information about MasterFILE.
An adult with a laptop pointing to the text, "Your next read is just clicks away."
Four children holding stacks of books above information about NoveList.
Five bookmarks with a kid reading at the top.
A kid reading next to information about NoveList.
A teenager reading above information about NoveList Plus for teens.
A person wearing a construction hat and holding a clipboard next to information about PrepSTEP.
Twelve graphic symbols encouraging users to map their career path with PrepSTEP.
A flyer with information about using Credo Reference.
Three screens with previews of Ferguson's Career Guidance Center.
A professor with glasses standing in front of a class. Below is information about Films on Demand.
A collage of images from videos with information about Films on Demand.
Students working in a library above information about Films on Demand.
A family watching videos together on a computer alongside information about Just for Kids.
A background of newspapers behind text reading "Historic NC Digital Newspapers" with a red, white, and blue banner.
A cartoon of a woman sewing a large American Flag.