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NC LIVE is committed to providing a resource that is accessible for all users, including those with disabilities. All of the pages on are Section 508 compliant and conform with the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at level AA.

Our Content Providers

Please note that NC LIVE selects and licenses resources based on the information needs of its users, from a variety of providers whose interfaces may, or may not, fully comply with the W3C and Section 508 guidelines. The NC LIVE resource selection process gives preference to content vendors who provide compliant interfaces when the products being considered are equivalent. The information below summarizes what our current content vendors have or have not done to meet accessibility requirements in their web interfaces:

Vendor Compliance Statement
ABC-CLIO Not Compliant
Alexander Street Press Section 508 Compliant- contact for more information
Chadwyck-Healey Accessibility Statement
CQ Press Accessibility Information
EBSCOhost Accessibility Information for EBSCO Interfaces
Gale Electronic Product Accessibility Policy
InfoBase Usability Statement
InfoUSA VPAT (MS Word .doc)
LearningExpress Not Compliant
McGraw-Hill Accessibility Statement (PDF)
Morningstar Not Compliant
NC LIVE Video Collection VPAT (PDF)
OCLC OCLC Section 508 Accessibility Template
Pronunciator Not compliant
ProQuest Accessibility for ProQuest Interfaces
Recorded Books Accessibility Statement (PDF)
Sanborn Maps Not Compliant
SimplyMap Not Compliant

Terms of Use

NC LIVE provides information resources for library patrons, students, and educators from the four NC LIVE communities of interest. Most of the electronic resources available in the NC LIVE collection are subject to licenses that govern their access and use. In accordance with the fair use provisions of the copyright law, NC LIVE users may search, view, and browse these resources; and may print or download excerpts of reasonable quantity for educational or scholarly purposes. Commercial use and systematic or excessive downloading, copying, or distributing of information are prohibited. Users are individually responsible for compliance with these terms.

Privacy Statement

Automatic Data Collection

When a visitor requests a page of information from a web site, information about the request is automatically stored in a log file. This information includes the address of the computer making the request (the Internet address, not the street address), the time and date of the request, the type of web browser being used, and sometimes, the page from which the visitor is coming. The information does not contain the visitor's name or e-mail address, since the visitor's browser does not provide this information to the web server. The NC LIVE server site staff analyze these log files to learn about how visitors use the content on the site. This information is used to allocate resources effectively, to provide statistics reports, and ultimately to improve the content of our site.


A cookie is a small piece of information that a web server asks your browser to store on your local computer, which your browser can later present to the web server. In its simplest form, a cookie is just an identifying number. Some sites employ sophisticated databases which link cookies to personal information in order to monitor exactly what a particular visitor does on the web site. It is important to note that this personal information would have to be voluntarily provided to the web site by the visitor (by filling out an online form). NC LIVE uses cookies as part of the remote access solution. Some of the NC LIVE vendors (ProQuest for example) also use cookies to define interactions within their own web sites. For remote access, the NC LIVE web server prompts users for their institutional affiliation and a password. Once the user is validated, the server creates a cookie based on the institution the user is affiliated with. This cookie then represents the user's "ticket" to the database resources available from the NC LIVE vendors. NC LIVE does not know the identity of a person based on their cookie. The cookies used contain no personal information about visitors, nor are they used to look up personal information about visitors. If, however, NC LIVE patrons complete questionnaires or forms provided by NC LIVE vendors, these vendors could maintain this type of information. The vendor may use the cookie and any related information for a variety of purposes, such as interface customization, targeting ads based on demographics, or direct marketing.

More Information

For information on protecting your personal information both on- and off-line, see the Federal Trade Commission's privacy pages. The Electronic Privacy Information Center also has news and resources on online privacy.

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