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Scholarly articles

Scholarly Articles

Mitigating noise anxiety in dogs (2016)

from Veterinary Record, volume 179, issue 19

Using dexmedetomidine to alleviate noise-induced fear and anxiety in dogs (2017)

by Dean, Rachel

from Veterinary Record, volume 181, issue 25

Investigating the potential of the anti-epileptic drug imepitoin as a treatment for co-morbid anxiety in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy (2017)

by De Risio, Luisa; Volk, Holger A; Packer, Rowena M A

from BMC veterinary research, volume 13, issue 1

Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Changes in Dogs with Anxiety Disorders, Measured with SPECT (2009)

by Peremans, Kathelijne; Vandermeulen, Eva; Dobbeleir, André and others

from Brain Imaging and Behavior, volume 3, issue 4

Evaluation of the Brain 5-HT2A Receptor Binding Index in Dogs with Anxiety Disorders, Measured with 123I-5I-R91150 and SPECT (2009)

by De Vos, Filip J; Vermeire, Simon T; De Meester, Rudy H and others

from The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, volume 50, issue 2

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News & Magazine Articles

anxiety dog (2017)


from Blacktown City Sun

High anxiety for NYPD dogs (2018)

by Stephanie Pagones; Ruth Brown

from New York Post (New York, NY)

Calming a dog's anxiety: Sunrise Edition (2006)

by Deborah Wood

from The Oregonian

Top Dog's anxiety (2019)

from The Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

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