I can't play a video from the NC LIVE Media Collection.

There are a few technical requirements to play NC LIVE videos.

All users:

Your network administrator will need to configure any firewalls to allow traffic through the following ports:

media.nclive.org : port 80
fms.nclive.org : port 1935

A common symptom of the latter port being disallowed is seeing the player appear to hang when "loading..." but no picture appearing (as in this image). 

In addition, your computer must accept cookies from the nclive.org domain.

Additional note for North Carolina public schools:

In order to view the Media Collection from a North Carolina public or charter school, NC LIVE must have a valid IP address for that school in listed in our database.

If your location is "recognized," then your IP is in the database. If you are prompted to login, your IP has not been added to the database, and you can find assistance here.