Does NC LIVE offer ebooks that are compatible with the Kindle?

NC LIVE ebooks are not fully supported for download on Kindle devices, although some ebook collections offer unprotected PDFs that can be downloaded to a Kindle, such as Gale Ebooks.

If you have a Kindle Fire, you can read NC LIVE ebooks in the browser while connected to Wi-Fi.

In eBooks on EBSCOhost, you can send up to 60 pages of an ebook in PDF format to your Kindle device. See these links for instructions:

How can I print or save EBSCO ebook pages as a PDF?

How can I send saved EBSCO ebook pages in PDF format to my Kindle device?

Your library may have ebook titles available for downloading to a Kindle, through a vendor such as OverDrive. Contact your local library to see what Kindle-compatible ebooks may be available.

You can also find free, downloadable titles for your Kindle from Project Gutenberg.