I think I have the correct password or library card number, but it isn't working. What's the problem?

Make sure you've selected the academic or public library system you usually use. Use the "Change my library" link to change if you need to. Be sure to carefully check the name of the library--many NC LIVE libraries have similar names (e.g., "Albemarle Regional Library" vs. "East Albemarle Regional Library"). If you don't see your library branch name, look for your county or regional library name, or your college/university name.

  • Academic library users usually* need to enter student credentials.
  • Public library users usually* need to enter a library card number.

*Some libraries use a special NC LIVE password. The passwords change every summer, so check with your local library to verify that you are using the correct password.

If you are still having difficulty, please contact the staff at your local library to get more information on how your library accesses NC LIVE.