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Update: This issue is now resolved. ProQuest should be fully accessible for local and remote patrons.

Remote access to ProQuest resources may be unavailable. Users may see an HTTP 500 error. Access from library IPs does not appear to be affected.

The vendor is aware of the issue and investigating the problem.

Please send any resource access issues or questions to the NC LIVE Help Desk.

Update: access to vendors affected by the Amazon Web Services outage appears to be restored.

A national internet outage of Amazon Web Services is affecting access to ProQuest and may affect other NC LIVE vendors.

ProQuest is aware of the issue but does not currently have an estimate for restoration of services.

Advice for Working with Vendors

Although librarians and vendors have shared a symbiotic relationship for as long as libraries have existed, there seems to be an unhealthy and unnecessary level of time and energy spent tussling with and complaining about vendors.  Having worked on both sides of the library/vendor ecosystem, I wanted to try and share some perspectives learnt through experience.  What follows are some best practices for working with vendors. These aren’t earth-shatteringly innovative, but I bring them to your attention because I have found them to be effective in maintaining positive, mutually beneficial relationships with vendors.

All NC LIVE usage statistics are now updated through January 2017, with the exception of data from Oxford University Press. We expect this data will be updated within a week.

As a reminder, many vendors have administrative modules available. You can use these modules to get your library's usage data directly from the vendor. Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk if you would like access to these modules.

If you have any questions regarding data definitions, please see our data definitions page.


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