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Last September when we launched Ebook Central, MARC records for the NC LIVE ebook collection were not available in LibCentral (the Admin tool for Ebook Central).

On February 28th, MARC records for the NC LIVE ebook collection will be available in LibCentral (complete with any customizations).

Starting with the 2018-02-28 MARC update, you will be receiving the NC LIVE MARC records in .mrc files that include 'nclive-ebooks' in their names.

We've received clarification from ProQuest that eLibrary Curriculum Edition is now 3 separate databases:

-History Study Center:
-ProQuest Learning: Literature:

2/23/18- Usage statistics for January are now available.

Usage statistics for January 2018 are currently unavailable on the NC LIVE Usage Statistics Module. When attempting to access these reports, libraries have reported seeing the following error message: "Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception."

Usage reports for time periods prior to January 2018 continue to be generated correctly.


A working group from NC LIVE's Resources Advisory Committee reviewed NC LIVE's permanent ebook collections, including Ebooks on EBSCOhost, for outdated titles.

Based on this report, the Resource Advisory Committee has recommended that 1632 titles be deleted from NC LIVE's Ebooks on EBSCOhost collection. These titles were judged to be too outdated to remain in the collection and updated replacements were deemed unnecessary.


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