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With the recent implementation of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), NC LIVE has created a list of current

Ebook links for titles from the MyiLibrary collection in Summon no longer resolve correctly due to outdated URLs. NC LIVE recently removed these holdings from the Summon “NC LIVE catalog” and EDS.


NC LIVE has removed a resource from our Browse A-Z Resource page: American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography (or The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography).

This ebook series is part of NC LIVE's ABC-CLIO ebook collection. It used to have a direct link in the ABC-CLIO platform, but it no longer does. Because of this, we've removed it as a direct link on our Browse A-Z page.

Action may be necessary if you have a direct link to American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography on your website. This link now directs to the ABC-CLIO homepage.


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