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Update 10/31/18: This issue has been resolved.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center is currently experiencing performance issues. The search function is not working. Ferguson's is aware of the issues and working to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk with any questions. 

Update 11/8/18: The access issues for Sanborn Maps North Carolina have been resolved. Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk at with any questions.

Update 11/2/18: Access to Sanborn Maps North Carolina is restored, but it currently displays an error message when it is first accessed: "Duplicate entry '53339' for key 1". If the user refreshes the page, then Sanborn Maps loads normally.

NC LIVE has recently completed an upgrade to the technical infrastructure that powers our website, content and services. Bringing our software and hardware up to date enables us to provide more secure and higher quality service to librarians and patrons. The upgrade also positions us to leverage emerging technologies as they are developed. Some of the benefits of our infrastructure upgrade are:

1. Speed. Upgrading software and hardware enables our web pages and resources to load faster than ever before.

Access to Films on Demand & Ferguson's Career Guidance Center has mostly been restored though intermittent issues remain.

Please note that page load times may currently be slower than expected and intermittent issues may still occur as noted in the Films on Demand banner notice: "Please be aware that we are experiencing some site performance issues and are working to resolve them as soon as possible." Films on Demand is working diligently to resolve these issues and restore full service as quickly as possible. They will make each site available as soon as it is ready and improve functionality continuously, so please check back throughout the day.


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