MARC Records for Locally Managed & NC LIVE Hosted Proxy Libraries

MARC Records for Subscription Resources

Libraries that have their own proxy server that is managed locally or by a third party vendor (this includes NC LIVE Hosted Proxy libraries) can obtain the most accurate and up-to-date records directly from resource vendors.

Resource Record change frequency Record access instructions
LearningExpress Library ebooks  Records added/deleted in January, April, and August

    1. Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk to obtain your library's authentication key.
    2. Access LearningExpress Library.
    3. Select "Librarian Resources" at the bottom of the page.
    4. Click on "MARC Records" and follow the instructions to input your authentication key and add/update your records.


    *Not a subscription resource. Collection includes ongoing purchases.

     Records added when libraries make purchases for the collection (average 1-2 per month)

    Records are downloaded directly from the vendor's FTP site. Please contact Bethany Leach at Recorded Books to request your library's record download credentials.

    You must encode your URLs in the 856 field in the following manner:

    Original url:[RBdigital Library ID]

    Modified url:[RBdigital Library ID]

    Films on Demand Video  New records added monthly; records deleted in January and June MARC records can be downloaded from the Films on Demand administration module. Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk to request administration credentials.
    Ebook Central New records and deletion files available every month

    MARC records will eventually be available for download from LibCentral, the administration module. In the meantime, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk for instructions on how to obtain them.

    Directions on retrieving MARC records from LibCentral.

    MARC Records for Perpetual Access Collections

    These MARC record collections are for non-subscription resources and will not change unless deselection is recommended by the Resources Advisory Committee. Libraries will be notified of any changes to these collections. 

    Resource Records Acquired MARC Records

    NC LIVE Home Grown eBook Collection via Biblioboard



    Home Grown eBooks use a "trusted partner" authentication method that is different from other NC LIVE resources. Resource URLs in these records include NC LIVE proxy prefix information. Libraries may add their local proxy information to these URLs without removing the NC LIVE prefixes, to allow for trusted partner authentication. If you prefer to use unmodified records, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk for more information.

    Modified File (2015-2017) These files have been enhanced with additional details and subject headings, courtesy of NCSU, UNC and Duke University Libraries.

    Modified File (2014) These files have been enhanced with additional details and subject headings, courtesy of NCSU Libraries.

    NC LIVE Video Collection 2008-2014*

    MARC File

    eBooks on EBSCOhost (formerly Netlibrary) 2001-2013* MARC File
    MyiLibrary eBooks 2009 MARC File
    Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) eBooks 2010, 2013* MARC File
    ABC-CLIO   MARC File

    *If you need files from a particular year, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk for more assistance.