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On September 12-13, 2017, NC LIVE and its member libraries will migrate from ebrary and EBL to the new Ebook Central platform. Please see below for information about the upgrade.

We've received reports of people having trouble accessing eLibrary Curriculum Edition. If your library uses a local proxy server, please add the following proxy stanza for eLibrary Curriculum Edition:

Fixed as of 8/3/17

Our usage reports feature is currently unavailable. Upon attempting to download, users will see an error message stating: "Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception." We apologize for any inconvenience as we work on resolving the issue. In the mean time, you can email with your library, dates to report, and format request (HTML or CSV), and we will generate a report for you.

Update: The migration from SimplyMap to SimplyAnalytics was completed successfully. Read more about the change here, and please send any resource access issues or questions to the NC LIVE Help Desk.

On Wednesday, June 28, SimplyMap is migrating to a new platform with a new name: SimplyAnalytics. The migration will take about 24 hours and during this time, the resource will be unavailable. Please try to access this resource on or after Thursday, June 29.


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