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All NC LIVE usage statistics are now updated through May 2017, with the exception of data from CQ Press and Films on Demand. This data will be published as soon as it is available. 

NC LIVE migrated to a new website last week and although it mostly went well, we have experienced a few issues.  Below is a summary of the issues that have been reported so far.

Rob's Blog

This month I'm honored to share a guest blog post by Cathy De Rosa.  Cathy is a mentor, friend and one of the smartest people I know.  I hope you enjoy her thoughts on understanding great leadership.

All NC LIVE member libraries now have access to four new ProQuest resources, and they may be used by library staff and patrons. These new resources were acquired as part of NC LIVE's 2018-2020 Resource Cycle. You will maintain access to all current PQ resources and these four new resources through at least December 2023. 

Library staff are encouraged to become familiar with the resource's interfaces, promote them to faculty and patrons, and integrate the resources within your libraries' websites. 


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