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1/26/21 Update - This issue is resolved. All users can create Transparent Language accounts by clicking on "Sign Up". 

Questions? Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk

Several libraries have reported an issue with Transparent Language accounts. After clicking on "Sign Up" they see the following message: 

"Looking to register? To create an account, please see the administrator for Transparent Language Online at your organization. After registration, you will be able to use Transparent Language Online from home or anywhere."

We are working with Transparent Language to resolve the issue. Questions? Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk. 

Users must create a personal account in order to use this resource. A login screen will display when users first access the resource, even though they may already be logged in through their library's proxy.  Questions? Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk

We will be performing maintenance on our servers Tuesday, January 12th at 7:30am. This may result in a brief downtime, around 10 minutes, for NC LIVE proxies and website. 

Update 1/11/21:

The NC LIVE link for PrepSTEP/ LearningExpress Library is now directing to PrepSTEP instead of LearningExpress Library for all academic libraries. The interface is the same, but the options below the search box are different. Users can switch between PrepSTEP and LearningExpress Library at any time. 
If your library is using the EBSCO link instead of the NC LIVE link for access to PrepSTEP,  and you would like your access to default to PrepSTEP instead of LearningExpress Library, you will need an updated link. Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk for your updated link.



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