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June 17th update - the issue is resolved.
RBdigital appears to be down for some libraries. Users attempting to access RBdigital receive an error message and are unable to access the resource. 
We are in touch with the vendor and we will let you know when we have updates. 
Sanborn Maps access for NC LIVE will continue through ProQuest through the product: Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970.  Last week we sent an email stating that NC LIVE would no longer have access to Sanborn Maps North Carolina since ProQuest's Sanborn Maps Geo Edition is being discontinued as of June 30, 2020. This is partially correct. NC LIVE will no longer have access to Sanborn Maps Geo Edition, but we will continue our access through Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970. Read about the differences between the two products below. Please update your resource description to the following:  
Action Required:
We have learned from ProQuest that Sanborn Maps Geo Edition, will be discontinued as of June 30, 2020 due to accessibility concerns. NC LIVE's current subscription to Sanborn Maps North Carolina with ProQuest will be affected by this change, and discontinued after June 30th.
We will be exploring options and next steps with ProQuest, and will let you know when we have more information. 
Please see the full announcement from ProQuest below. Questions? Email The NC LIVE Help Desk.

Gale will be releasing an update to Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC).  The test-taking experience is being migrated from BenchPrep to D2L (Desire2Learn), an online learning platform and a recognized brand in the LMS space.

This change will automatically go live on June 25. A notice has been added to TERC to alert end-users to this change.   Gale wants to make sure you are all aware, should you receive any questions.

Benefits of this enhancement include:


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