DEIA Learning Series

NC LIVE invites a broad group of member libraries to share the programs, collections, and policies that they’ve developed to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We will explore how libraries in North Carolina lead public programming that supports growth, learning, and meaningful conversations within their communities. Attendees will also learn how all library staff can play a role in developing not just diverse but equitable and inclusive workplaces. 

Registration is required for each session. The final half hour for each session will involve breakout rooms where attendees can brainstorm across institutions and begin to discuss potential action steps. The instructional portion of the session will be recorded and attendees will receive a link to the recording afterwards. The breakout rooms will not be recorded.

This learning series has been planned extensively by the NC LIVE Training Advisory Committee (TAC). Members of the TAC will host the breakout rooms and facilitate discussion among attendees. 

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Week 1


June 7th, 1:00 - 2:45

Black Lives Matter: Programming within an Equity Framework
Cailtin Moen, Pamela McCarter, Jasmine McNeil, and Chantez Neymoss

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Please join us for an in-depth look at the Black Lives Matter public programming initiative launched by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in September 2020. Learn more about how this program began, and the plan to maintain sustainable programs and practices to create a long-term framework for social justice support.


Themed Breakout Discussions - 2 - 2:45 (Separate Registration Required)

Adult Programming Deep Dive (led by Chantez Neymoss)

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Learn how Charlotte Mecklenburg Library developed Black Lives Matter programs for adults in a variety of formats including book clubs, learning circles, Facebook Live events, and more! Get a closer look at the how we structured and built programming around this topic and what we learned in the process.

Social Justice...More Than A Trend (led by Jasmine McNeil)

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Familiarize yourself with the current buzzwords as it pertains to DEI and Social Justice. Learn the difference between them, why the difference, and how that looks in a library setting as it pertains to library resources and programs.

Are You Ready? Advancing the Complexity of Racial Equity (led by Pamela McCarter)

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Creating an equitable and inclusive organization goes beyond making a commitment. Join the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to learn strategies to address racial equity within the library and how we challenge ourselves daily to create a meaningful change.

Communication and Response (led by Caitlin Moen)

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Learn more about how the Black Lives Matter communication and promotion was put together, as well as hear more about response from the community and what comes next for this initiative.

June 8th, 1:00 - 3:00

Community College Libraries Collaborating with Student Services to Encourage Student Growth
Brittany Champion, Dr. Katrina Arnold, Danielle Poyner, and Darrick Mullins

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Community Colleges are a critical education pathway to prepare students of all backgrounds for four-year college/university, the workforce, or continuing education. Each department contributes a variety of elements to a student's success, thus aiding in their academic, social, and mental growth during their academic tenure. Internal partnerships are beneficial to all those involved, in addition to cultivating an equitable space to learn, spread awareness, and increase the use of campus resources. Presenters from Pitt Community College will discuss how departmental partnerships have helped to ease the pressures of collegiate stress, the benefits of partnering, and highlights of programming during the pandemic.


Week 2


June 14th, 1:00 - 2:30

Mentorship, Recruitment, and Retention of Librarians of Color
Marcellaus Joiner, Leander Crocker, Joan Hill, and LaJuan Pringle

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There is an age-old African proverb that says, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ Does it take a village to raise a librarian of color? Mentorship is the cornerstone to the recruitment and the retention of librarians of color to the field of librarianship. REMCo's mission statement, "The Round Table for Ethnic Minority Concerns (REMCo) is a round table for North Carolina Library Association that serves as a voice for ethnic and minority members. REMCo strives to improve service to and in some cases even initiate service for the ethnic communities that we all serve." is the village manifested. Join members of The REMCo Executive Board as they give a candid and open discussion about their personal experiences of being mentored, being a mentor, their thoughts on how mentorship plays into retention, and recruitment of librarians of color.

June 15th, 2:00 - 3:30

Documenting Community Movements on the Fly: A Case Study of Greensboro's BLM Demonstrations
David Gwynn and Stacey Krim

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In the Summer of 2020, during the COVID lockdown, people took to the streets of downtown Greensboro protesting the murder of George Floyd. Knowing they were witnessing history in the making, archivists and librarians at UNC Greensboro rapidly organized a project to document people and events in the city and Triad region of North Carolina. In this workshop, David Gwynn and Stacey Krim discuss how to quickly implement a digital collection to capture history as it unfolds.


Week 3


June 21st, 2:00 - 3:30

NCLBPH: Defining Library Accessibility: Services, Programs, & Technology
Joshua Berkov and Clint Exum

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Accessibility is the effort we put in to make sure everyone has the ability to participate in our services. Two staff members from the North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped will discuss how to ensure that library services, collections, technology, outreach and programming meet and exceed current accessibility standards. Topics will cover both in-person and remote/distance considerations.


Week 4


June 28th, 1:00 - 2:30

When Diversity Training Isn’t Enough: UNC Charlotte's DEI Education Hub
Angel Truesdale, Christin Lampkowski, and Adreonna Simmons Bennett

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The DEI programs committee at UNC Charlotte will explore how they built a team that was committed to elevating the social consciousness of Atkins library. In an effort to create opportunities to engage and reflect on tough topics beyond scheduled events, we created an education hub titled Inquiry, Education, and Conversation: The Atkins Employee DEI Hub. Built on our University’s learning management system, this course aspires to centralize materials from our programs and provide a space for the continuos engagement that is necessary to unlearn and confront ideas of discrimination and white supremacy.

June 29th, 2:00 - 3:30

Library Services Through a Racial Equity Lens
Terry B. Hill and Stephanie Fennell

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Durham County Library is working to bring racial equity to the library with the creation of a Racial Equity Team that is focused on examining and implementing change in the areas of customer approach and interactions, policies, and programming. The group has worked to educate and become aware of what racial equity is and the problems surrounding it in our country as well as the role we play and how we have been impacted by racism in America.


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