NC LIVE 2018-2020 Resource Selection Process & Schedule


Support education, enhance economic development, and improve the quality of life of North Carolinians by procuring as much relevant high-quality digital content as possible.


Three (3) teams comprised of four (4) members per team.  Each team will have one (1) member per Community of Interest (COI).  Additionally, NC LIVE staff, the full Resource Advisory Committee (RAC), and University of North Carolina General Administration (UNC-GA) will have defined sets of responsibilities.

    1.   Data Team (DT)

      Assess available quantitative and qualitative data about current and potential new resources. Provide data-driven input to the assessment teams.

        • Qualitative and quantitative data about current resources is available and can be refreshed as needed.
        • Recommends this group search for assessment data about potential resources compiled by other consortia or libraries and available on the web.

          2.    New Resources Nomination & Assessment Team (NRNAT)

            Investigate potential new resources and nominate those that demonstrate the potential to support NC LIVE’s member libraries.

              • Recommends this team solicit ideas from community, as well as via their own investigations.

                Evaluate potential resources based on agreed-upon criteria.

                  • Recommends top-rated resources for pricing.

                      3.    Current Resources Assessment Team (CRAT)

                        Evaluate current resources based on agreed-upon criteria.

                          • Recommends top-rated resources for renewal.
                          • Recommends low-rated resources for discontinuation and/or replacement with similar, but superior resource.

                          Rob Ross & Claire Leverett (NC LIVE)

                          • Liaise with and support three teams; communicate with vendors; get pricing; negotiate terms; execute contracts; liaise with the NC LIVE Librarians Council (LC); manage communications with NC LIVE community.

                          Full RAC

                          Reviews final list of proposed resources and makes recommendation to the LC.


                          Assists with review of licenses and signs contracts on behalf of NC LIVE.

                          Librarians Council

                          Reviews RAC’s recommendation and makes final decision on resources.

                          Timeline & Key Milestones

                          Milestone 1:  Agree on selection process & roles (Aug ’16)

                          • RAC agrees on process & roles (Aug ’16).

                          Milestone 2:  Agree on current & new resources (Jan ’16)

                          • DT provides input to assessment teams on current resources (Sept ’16).
                          • NC LIVE gets initial bids from central aggregators (Oct ’16).
                          • CRAT recommends current resources to keep (Oct ’16).
                          • CRAT recommends current resources to not keep (Oct ’16).
                          • NRNAT recommends new resources to add, including replacement ebooks (Oct ’16).
                          • DT provides input to assessment teams on potential new resources (Nov ’16).
                          • RAC reviews CRAT & NRNAT recommendations and makes initial decisions (Nov ’16).
                          • NC LIVE requests trials of potential new resources (Dec ’16).
                          • NC LIVE negotiates initial price for resources we want to keep & potential new resources (Jan ’17).

                          Milestone 3:  Resource Assessment & Comparison (March ’17).

                          • CRAT evaluates & scores current resources we want to keep (Feb ’17).
                          • NRNAT evaluates & scores new resources (Feb ’17).
                          • RAC evaluates competing resources (e.g. 2 language learning products) and ranks them (March ’17).

                           Milestone 4:  Finalize selection decisions (May ’17)

                          • RAC performs initial review of cost allocation & COI equity (March ’17).
                          • NC LIVE performs secondary price negotiations with select vendors (April ’17).
                          • RAC performs secondary review of cost allocation & COI equity (May ’17).
                          • RAC finalizes recommendation to LC (May ’17).
                          • LC makes final decision (May ’17).

                          Milestone 5:  Finalize contracts/Begin communications (Aug ’17)

                          • NC LIVE notifies Carolina Consortium of dropped resources (May ’17).
                          • NC LIVE & UNC-GA review & revise license terms (July ’17).
                          • NC LIVE announces resource selections with community (July-Aug ’17).
                          • NC LIVE provides early access to available resources (Aug ’17).

                          Milestone 6:  Training (Fall ’17)

                          • NC LIVE provides training on new resources (Aug ’17 – onward).

                          Milestone 7:  Official start date of new cycle (Jan 1, 2018)

                          Contact a COI representative on the RAC

                          • Community Colleges: Jennifer Arnold, Central Piedmont Community College (email: )
                          • Community Colleges: Deborah Ashby, Montgomery Community College (email: )
                          • Community Colleges: Julie Humphrey, Durham Technical Community College Library (email: )
                          • NCICU: Carol Cramer, Wake Forest University (email: )
                          • NCICU: Eric Shoaf, Queens University (email: )
                          • NCICU: Tracey Pearson, Methodist University (email: )
                          • Public Libraries: Jimi Rider, New Hanover County Public Library (email: )
                          • Public Libraries: Jennifer Sackett, Lincoln County Public Library (email: )
                          • Public Libraries: Ross Holt, Randolph County Public Library (email: )
                          • UNC: John P. Abbott, Appalachian State University, (email: )
                          • UNC: Leah Dunn, UNC-Asheville (email: )
                          • UNC: Greg Raschke, North Carolina State University, (email: )

                          Suggest a resource

                          Suggest a resource for consideration using this form.