Hosted Proxy Service

NC LIVE offers a Hosted Proxy service, available to all our libraries as a benefit of being an NC LIVE member. This service provides an easy way for patrons to remotely access all of a library's licensed content, both resources provided by NC LIVE and those licensed locally. This service may be especially useful for libraries that have had difficulty implementing a locally-hosted proxy service.

About This Service

In the past NC LIVE has maintained a proxy server for each member library, but it was used only for NC LIVE resources and required remote users to enter either a library card number or an NC LIVE password. The Hosted Proxy service allows these existing proxy servers to be customized by individual member libraries. This means libraries can use the server to access locally licensed resources and to use local authentication methods such as a user's library card number and PIN, Moodle username and password, etc. Library staff can update their locally licensed content configuration settings via an easy-to-use administration module.

Some of the benefits of this service include the following:

  • Patrons have seamless remote access to both NC LIVE and non-NC LIVE resources from your library's website, using one familiar library-branded login prompt for all resources.
  • Patrons’ login information can be checked directly against the library’s ILS system or other data source.
  • Library staff can add, remove, or alter stanzas for licensed resources without waiting for technical support.

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