ProQuest Implementation and Access Information

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All NC LIVE member libraries now have early access to ProQuest databases licensed by NC LIVE. The intent behind this early trial access is to allow libraries without current subscriptions the opportunity to become familiar with the interface, communicate with faculty and patrons, allow for training activities, and provide ample time for integration within your library's website, discovery layers, etc. ahead of January 1, 2015, when regular subscription access begins.*

All NC LIVE subscriptions to EBSCO-provided products (except for eBooks on EBSCOhost) will be discontinued on December 31, 2014.

Use of ProQuest Databases

Who Can Use ProQuest Access:

Library staff, faculty, students and library patrons may use the ProQuest databases provided in these trials.

What You Have Access To:

ProQuest has set-up trial-based access to allow patrons and library staff to begin immediately taking advantage of the databases and related tools, like My Research, database alerts and customization options. Library staff can begin integrating the ProQuest URLs into library websites and instruction immediately, or whenever it is appropriate for your library.

How Does Access Work:

Access to ProQuest trials is IP-enabled, which means you will access these resources the same way you access all other NC LIVE-provided resources. For those using the NC LIVE website as your primary means of access, please see the section below regarding integration. For all others, NC LIVE has already worked with ProQuest to ensure that your IPs are all current and enabled for the newly licensed ProQuest products. URLs are provided with direct links into each database here.

Customizing the ProQuest Experience for Your Library

For those libraries that prefer to have NC LIVE staff manage their database set-up, customization options will be made available later this fall. NC LIVE staff will message library staff with these options.

For libraries that want local control of their ProQuest customization options (administrative access to branding, proxy set-up, linking, embedded chat boxes, etc.) who do not currently have ProQuest Administration Module accounts, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk. NC LIVE will work with your library’s NC LIVE Liaison to ensure your library has all the access information you need.

Making the Transition

NC LIVE Direct Link URLs for ProQuest Trial Access:

All NC LIVE direct links for ProQuest database trials are available here:
If your library would like to link into more specific sub-sections of these databases, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk for assistance in developing custom links.

Other Non-ProQuest Resource URLs

All new non-ProQuest resource URLs will also be made available via the page above when access becomes available. Non-ProQuest resources, such as Gale, McGrawHill, and InfoBase Films on Demand, are likely to become available sometime between November and December 2014. More information will be coming soon.

Libraries Using LibGuides

To avoid duplication of effort, NC LIVE staff are preparing spreadsheets with new database listings, descriptions and URLs, as well as subject and format-based designations which can be easily imported into LibGuides.

Additionally, the NC LIVE staff will be working with a NC LIVE LibGuides Working Group to establish some ready-made LibGuide templates and tools for libraries using the LibGuides web interface. More information will be coming soon. If you are interested in working with NC LIVE staff on this effort, please contact the Help Desk.

Custom Splash Page Messaging for Discontinued Resources

Approximately 60 days prior to the expiration of the 2012-14 license agreements, NC LIVE will add custom messaging on the NC LIVE splash page that patrons will see when clicking on a direct database link. Any library using NC LIVE direct links (a direct link is a URL with the following syntax:[###]) will be directed first to the NC LIVE splash page, where the patron will see a message that indicates when the resource is expiring, and which resource(s) will serve as alternatives for those that have been discontinued.

If your library plans to license access to resources which NC LIVE will no longer be providing, and you would prefer for your patrons not to see splash page messaging, you may need to use a different URL to link to those databases. Please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

Proxy Config Settings

Libraries using local proxy authentication should check to see that their proxy config settings are up to date. All proxy config settings are available here: As other new resources are added, libraries will need to be sure to update their proxy settings. NC LIVE staff will message libraries each time new resources become available with information about proxy configuration.

Search Box Tools

As part of NC LIVE’s transition to using ProQuest resources, will begin using the Summon discovery service to power its search boxes. Because of the Summon implementation timeline, these changes to NC LIVE’s search boxes will not be made until mid-to-late December 2014. Ahead of that time, NC LIVE will provide preview access so that library staff will have the opportunity to trial the new search boxes’ functionality.

Libraries that currently use embedded EDS or EHIS search boxes provided by NC LIVE will also need to replace those search boxes before the resource change is complete at the end of the year. (If your library has its own EDS or EHIS subscription, this does not apply.) For libraries that need to make those changes or otherwise want to embed new ProQuest search boxes on their own library websites, NC LIVE will begin making the search box code available later this fall.

NC LIVE staff will message libraries with more information once NC LIVE’s search boxes are available and ready to use.

Webinars and training:

If you'd like to participate in ProQuest webinars to become familiar with the new platforms, you can register now, here:

Additionally, NC LIVE staff are collaborating with the State Library as they plan to provide training on NC LIVE’s new offerings – More information is coming soon!

Integrating ProQuest Resources on the NC LIVE Website (


  • Friday, Aug 1:
    ProQuest database URLs are made available via, ProQuest products will not yet be integrated with the rest of the NC LIVE website.
  • Monday, Aug 11:
    ProQuest databases will be fully integrated into the via the website, including: Browze A-Z database list and Category/Subject pages. A new box will be visible on the NC LIVE homepage that announces the resource change and links to all ProQuest resources on one page.
  • Later this fall - Date TBD:
    • Summon and NC LIVE Search boxes will be made available
    • Full-text title search functionality will be replaced

All Other Database Trial Access

NC LIVE staff are working with other new NC LIVE vendors to provide webinars and trial-based access as needed. Full, regular access to other non-ProQuest resources will likely not be made available until sometime between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. The NC LIVE staff will update all access and training information, here:

*A note for current ProQuest subscribers:

Trial access is provided only for databases to which libraries are not currently subscribed as a courtesy to ease the period of change. Libraries with current ProQuest subscriptions will receive trial access to new databases only. Current ProQuest subscribers who wish to continue providing access to these databases, should continue to pay their subscriptions for the remainder of the year. To discuss credits for overlapping subscriptions after January 1, 2015, please contact your ProQuest representative. If you have questions, please contact Tim Rogers ( or Jill Morris (