New Service: Use Your Own Login on

What is this service?

NC LIVE is offering a new authentication option, called Use Your Own Login, for libraries that use a local proxy. Use Your Own Login allows your remote users to authenticate via your proxy when using This reduces confusion and allows remote users to access resources via the authentication they are most familiar with, regardless of whether they are on your library's website or

Who is this for?

This service is for libraries that use their own local proxy server, such as EZProxy or WAM, as a primary means of authentication. Libraries with proxy servers allow users to use one login method, such as a student ID and password, to access all electronic resources regardless of whether the resource is available through NC LIVE or purchased locally. Local proxy servers eliminate the need for users to know or remember different passwords for different resources.

What does it do?

When a user on chooses one of the participating libraries from the dropdown menu during step 1 of authentication, instead of being prompted for an NC LIVE password at step 2, they'll be sent along to their library's proxy login page. After logging in through the local proxy, the user will be directed to their selected resource on

How does this work?

We will set our authentication system up to recognize which libraries are participating in Use Your Own Login. For those libraries, the login page will rewrite the requested resource link using your library's proxy prefix, then redirect users to that link.

Why should my library participate?

We anticipate that this change will reduce confusion for patrons who don't normally use the NC LIVE password, but still attempt to authenticate from Libraries that opt to participate won't need to send users to or to change anything else about users' current workflow. This service is designed to help remote users who arrive at and expect to use their local authentication method to access resources.

What about the password? My library uses it as a back-up in case our proxy stops working.

Libraries that opt into Use Your Own Login will still have access to the NC LIVE annual password. If your local proxy is unavailable, you will need to provide your users with the NC LIVE password and direct them to login via the "NCKnows Login" link on the login page.
Login page screenshot with "remember this library" checkbox

What does my library need to do?

We just need confirmation that your library would like to participate, and a test login for your local proxy--that's it!

  1. Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk to let us know that your library wants to opt in to Use Your Own Login.
  2. Include a test login for your proxy so that we can test out the handoff on our development site. If you can't provide a test login, let us know and we will work out an alternative testing arrangement. The testing phase is completed in 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of active requests.
  3. Once we're confident that the handoff is working correctly, we'll let you know when the handoff is live and ask you to confirm that it's working. If you would rather schedule a specific implementation date, we can do that instead—there may be a slightly longer wait time.

If you have any questions, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.