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From: Jill Morris, Interim Executive Director, NC LIVE 
To: NC LIVE Member Libraries

Home Grown Ebook Update and Summer Pledge Drive Information 

Last August, NC LIVE launched the Home Grown eBook Collection as part of a pilot project to test a number of models for funding and acquiring new ebook content directly from NC-based publishers. This year, we're happy to announce that we'll continue in this effort, with the launch of a new summer pledge drive and interface updates coming soon.

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Error Message when Emailing Articles within ProQuest Databases

Users sometimes see the error message "communication with the server failed" when trying to email articles out of ProQuest databases. To prevent the error, users must enter both a name and an email address in the email form. ProQuest is aware of this issue and is working to correct it. 

Films on Demand TItle URLs Fail in Microsoft Office Products

Films on Demand is working with Microsoft to correct this issue. Please see this Films on Demand help center page for details and potential workarounds to use until the issue is corrected.

The above issues were discovered thanks to member library reports to the NC LIVE Help Desk. Please contact the Help Desk with any questions, problems, or feedback.


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Oxford Reference Online Premium Usage Statistics Delay

Oxford University Press has notified NC LIVE staff that usage statistics for Oxford Reference Online Premium are not currently available by the NC LIVE usage report deadline of the 15th of the month. NC LIVE will add the usage statistics for this resource to library usage reports as it becomes available, but libraries should anticipate a delay each month. 

Natural Medicines Usage Statistics Unavailable for May 2015, Undercounted for April 2015

Natural Medicines has notified NC LIVE that due to a technical issue, library usage statistics were not collected for this resource during part of April 2015 and all of May 2015. The data is not recoverable. This issue has been resolved and usage statistics for June will be available July 15th.

OneSource Usage Statistics Not Yet Available

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The following update is for libraries who use a local proxy server to access NC LIVE resources. All other libraries may disregard this message.

The proxy stanza for HeritageQuest has been updated. Please update your proxy config files to match the stanza below.

Title HeritageQuest Online

If you have any questions, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

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Usage statistics are now available for CQ Press resources. Usage data for these resources has been added for January-April 2015 and appears in NC LIVE usage reports.

NC LIVE staff discovered that usage of CQ Press resources was being under-reported in NC LIVE usage reports beginning in May 2014. To address this problem, NC LIVE worked with the vendor to allow for the use of COUNTER-compliant data (JR1 and JR4 reports), which is now being used for NC LIVE usage reporting for resources. 

To correct the under-reporting, NC LIVE staff applied the COUNTER-compliant data retroactively to all CQ Press resource usage data beginning in January 2014. The correct usage counts for these resources is now reflected in all NC LIVE usage reports.

If you have any questions please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

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**UPDATE 5/15/2015, 4:30pm: NC LIVE staff and the vendor have confirmed that all previously reported issues have been resolved, and CQ Researcher is functioning normally. Please report any issues to the NC LIVE Help Desk.**

Some users are experiencing issues when accessing CQ Researcher articles. The articles are visible when browsing, but a "subscription required" message and login box are displayed when a user tries to open them. 

Some libraries are also reporting that the search function within CQ Researcher returns no results.

The vendor for this resource is working to resolve these issues as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience to patrons and staff. We update this message once NC LIVE staff confirm that this issue has been resolved for all member library accounts.

If you have any questions or to report other resource problems, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

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Looking to learn more about the content and features of AccessScience? Attend this free webinar led by an AccessScience trainer librarian!

AccessScience Webinar

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015, 3pm

Register Here

If you're interested in other staff training webinars or on-demand learning resources, check out the NC LIVE page of the State Library Train Station. If you have feedback or would like to request webinars for specific NC LIVE resources, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

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Beginning in January 2015, Sage Publishing changed the way statistics are reported for usage of CQ Researcher and CQ Weekly. This change has caused several issues that prevent the collection and processing of consortial usage data.

NC LIVE staff have been working with Sage since January to remedy this issue and resume collection of usage data for our member libraries. During this time CQ products have been marked as "missing" on the NC LIVE usage reports.

While we have escalated our support issue with Sage, we have also temporarily removed CQ Researcher and CQ Weekly from library usage reports for February 2015 and later, until the data issue can be resolved. Once the issue is resolved we will be able to add data for all of the months when it was previously unavailable.

Please be assured that we are working with Sage, and will update the usage reports and notify libraries once we are able to resume processing data for these resources.

If you have any questions, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

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Usage statistics for HeritageQuest are currently inaccurate for March 2015. ProQuest reports that the move to the platform has affected their data collection for some subscribers. The data will be updated when corrected figures are available.

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****UPDATE: As of 4/23/2015 11:30am this iss ue has been resolved. Please report any access issue to the NC LIVE Help Desk.****